Thursday, October 22, 2009

FREE Bagel Fridays at Noah’s Bagels With Coupon

noah At participating Noah's Bagels stores, receive one bagel for FREE on Friday mornings before 11am local time with no purchase required with this printable coupon.  And, if a torrential rain of biblical proportions happens to hit on Friday, you might want to ask Noah for two of each kind.

Coming To A Halloween Party/Festival Near You: The Balloon Boy Costume


You can either make it yourself or buy the costume kit from

"Now you too can enjoy all the media attention you want with Plantraco's Balloon Boy Hoax kit. A great flying saucer that is going to put a big smile on your face. Colorado flying saucers and hot air balloon hoaxes are famous these days, get on the bandwagon for trick-or-treat halloween fun and loads of laughs for everyone!"
Like you didn’t see this coming?

We Interrupt Your Halloween-ing to Bring You: Rudolph The Red Nose Pork Chop


Fox 8 in Greensboro NC brings you this hard-hitting news story:

It might not be worth as much as a grilled cheese sandwich said to bear the image of the Virgin Mary, but a North Carolina woman believes she's found a well-known Christmas character in her pork chop.

Sue Church stopped by the FOX8 studios on Tuesday morning to show us a pork chop that resembles Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Some have suggested the meat actually resembles the antler-wearing dog in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Oh boy … I can’t wait to see what other half-eaten food items Sue Church has in store for the holidays!!

BEHOLD: Halloween Witch Fingers!!


(via LA Times)

Witches' Fingers -- sugar cookies with raspberry jam for cuticles and sliced almonds for fingernails -- from the recently opened Village Bakery and Cafe in Atwater Village.

(Source: LA Times)

Things That Exist: Burger King’s Windows 7 Whopper


Why just let your computer have all the fun? There are folks in Japan installing the latest version of the operating system, Windows 7, into their hardware while simultaneously installing the 7 patty Burger King monstrosities carrying the moniker “The Windows 7 Burger” (of course) into their mouths.  Unfortunately, after a few of these, you might not be around for Windows 8.

KFC: FREE Piece of Grilled Chicken, No Coupon Required



All day Monday, October 26th, the restaurant formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken wants you to know that their food isn’t as deadly as it used to be.  So, once again they’re giving away FREE pieces of their grilled fare without any need for a coupon.  Bonus!!

And now for a video of a totally random guy honing in on his arts and crafts skills …. shirtless.

Intrigued? Click here for more info.

Things I learned from ‘Paranormal Activity’



****** SPOILER ALERT ******

I just saw Paranormal Activity yesterday and it proved to be quite the learning tool.  Here is what I learned:

  1. You might want to ask your significant other about their history of demonic possessions before moving in together.
  2. There are people with Parkinson's disease that could hold the camera better than the actors in the film.
  3. Apparently Big Bird is a demon.
  4. If your girlfriend talks in a high-pitched, monotone voice she is probably possessed.
  5. If your high-pitched, monotone girlfriend says thing's are all right, they aren't.
Regardless, it appears this movie scaring lots of dollars out of everyone's pockets. Perhaps the 2:30 mark of this grainy, poor quality video of the last 5 minutes of the film best explains why:

Twins Study Shows Effects of Smoking, Sun & Stress


Here's a reminder not to smoke or get too much sun: The results of a study following the effects of smoking, sun & stress on various sets of twins is pretty evident in the picture above.

Jeanne and Susan

Age: 61

Jeanne (left) is the twin who commented that her sister looks “ten years older” — in fact, the researchers upped that to an 11-and-a-quarter-year edge. The reasons for Susan’s condition are that she smoked for 16 years of her life, sunbathes, and weighs 15 pounds less. Since her 20s, Susan (right) has spent as much time as she could in the sun (she has plenty of opportunity on Florida’s east coast, where she moved more than a decade ago). Jeanne, meanwhile, has aimed for “as little exposure as possible.” Besides causing Susan’s dark, patchy discoloration and age spots, UV light also reduces skin’s elasticity, increasing wrinkles and deepening creases, Guyuron says.
It would also help to get your hair done before getting your picture taken, too.

Barnes & Noble: FREE Cookie and Hot Chocolate Oct 24th with Coupon


Profits at bookstores like Barnes & Noble must be razor thin nowadays, which makes freebie giveaways like this quite remarkable. So, if you plan on doing some book browsing this weekend, why not print out this coupon and bring it with you for a little bite to eat & drink?

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